Miles Landscaping offers 12-Month Service plans, as well as On-Request services.

Service Plan Rates vary by Lot Size Category and Service Plan. These prices are subject to change slightly over time due to fluctuations in material costs (i.e. Oil, Gas, Fertilizer and Labor Rates). Please contact us today to request an accurate quote for your landscaping needs.

The pricing table below illustrates sample landscape lot sizes and plans, as well as the annual planting area size included in the Total Care Plus Plan for the given lot sizes.

IMPORTANT LOT SIZE NOTE: The terms “landscape lot” & “Lot Size” refer to the total physical landscape area. Thus, the landscape lot or lot size of a 1 acre site that has a 3500sqft home footprint + other structures would be less than the 1 acre pricing shown below. We determine the landscape lot size from the County Tax Assessors office for your property, as well as the Google Earth Pro measuring tool.

Pricing shown does not include Tax. Rates are up to date as of December-2021

Service Plans
Lot Size
No Pool
Basic Care
Price Per Visit
Total Care
Price Per Month
Total Care PLUS
Price Per Month
2000 sq ft $45 $165 $240
4000 sq ft $62 $180 $280
6000 sq ft $81 $205 $315
8000 sq ft $99 $270 $370
11,000 sq ft $126 $330 $435
14,000 sq ft $153 $340 $550


On-Request Services (Without 12 Month Commitment):

The following On-Request services are available to customers that do not wish to sign up for a 12-Month commitment Basic Care / Total Care / Total Care Plus Plan.

Labor & Material costs included in price.


Service Description

Cost (tax not included)

Prune Trees (Up to 15ft from ground) $60 per tree. ($200 / 5-tree minimum)
Prune Shrubs $60 per Man-Hour ($120 minimum)
Fertilizer Application $50 per 3000sqft
Herbicide Treatment $60 per 3000sqft
Horticultural Pest Control $75 per 3000sqft
Soil Amendments $100 per cubic yard area – (1yd min)
Garden Mulch (Pine Bark) $100 per cubic yard area (3″ depth)
Planting Bed Cleanup / Weeding $60 per Man-Hour ($80 minimum)
Landscape Designs $160 and UP (based on design scope)
Planting Bed Prep/Install Priced per job
Sod/Turf Install Priced per job and turf selection
Seasonal Color Updates Priced per job
Tree Planting / Relocate / Removal $200 and UP (based on size of tree)
Spring/Fall Cleanup $80 per Man-Hour ($80 minimum)


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